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Garrett is a fourth generation dairy farmer and  is heavily involved with everyday operations like crop production and on-farm maintenance. Garrett understands the logistics of what goes on to make the farm work. He also oversees our family's beef cow operation, something he has been passionate about since he was a young boy. If you can't find him on a tractor, he's probably on a horse! With farming running through his veins, he aims to use his knowledge to further progress Milking R and its heritage.

Lindsey is the "farmer’s daughter." She is a 2012 graduate from the University of Florida, earning a degree in Agricultural Communications. 

Lindsey has her fair share of farm chores and looks after all of our calves and heifers, helps deliver new arrivals in our maternity barn, oversees our herd's health and manages several departments here at the farm. She also spearheads marketing and social media for the family business. With a deep love of cows, Lindsey feels blessed to have the ability to educate everyone about the dairy industry and Milking R Dairy. 

Sutton is a third generation dairy farmer and the driving force behind Milking R Dairy. Sutton wanted to be a dairy farmer since he can remember and feels lucky to be living his dream. He has been running the family business for over 30 years and couldn't imagine a life without cows. Sutton’s dairy farming passion, knowledge and determination have helped a successful family business continue to grow and thrive. 


Kris is not "just the farmer's wife." Growing up with a father who was a dairy farmer, Kris understands the in's and out's of farm life. As one would imagine, she wears many hats at the farm and is an expert in her field. Kris handles the bookkeeping and accounting for the dairy and their “udder” projects. Her meticulous attention to detail plays a critical role in the financial accountability and success of Milking R Dairy. 


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We are dedicated to our cows 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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We are passionate about our cows, their comfort and providing them with top-notch care, day and night.

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We provide your family with superior quality, wholesome, all-natural dairy products. ​

“We take care of the cows, the cows take care of us.” This philosophy is the most important element of success for Milking R Dairy. Freshness, family, and integrity translate into an authentic quality product.

We’re a 4th generation dairy farming family that has received the State Award for Sustainability. We strongly believe in communication, openness and education, which is why we’re opening our doors to you and your family. Our goal is to share a little bit of our lives with you and bridge the gap between the farm and your table.

Thanks to these core beliefs, Milking R Dairy has flourished and we are developing a new line of premium, family-owned dairy products for South Floridians, from South Florida.

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